Our Mentoring Program     

We stand ready to mentor the new or lower time owner/pilot to satisfy the training requirements put in place by the Manufacturers, Simulator based Training Facilities and the Insurance Industry.

Many new owner/operators will be required to have Supervised Operating Experience (SOE) in order to complete their training and insurance requirements.  This SOE will be a key component to the completion of the aircraft type rating.  Your Flight Department will provide an experienced mentor pilot who, following an approved course of training, will bring your expertise from the Simulator stage to a qualified, competent Pilot who will meet the stringent insurance industry experience requirements.  Your Flight Department will build on your simulator experiences and  bring you or your flight crew a real world experience utilizing the Scenario Based Training (SBT) based on the FAA-Industry Training Standards (FITS) Criteria.

At Your Flight Department, we are NOT full time pilots mentoring on the side.  Rather WE ARE full time mentors, piloting on the side and making a difference in the lives of owner/operators.


There will likely be 4 Transition Categories of VLJ Pilot:

Category 1 Category 2
Transitioning from Left seat of a Jet A/C
Transitioning from Left seat of Turboprop or Cabin Class Twin
25 hrs VLJ operating experience 35 hrs VLJ operating experience
Five (5) Cycle Minimum Eight (8) Cycle Minimum


Category 3 Category 4
Transitioning from SE Turboprop or
Pressurized S/E A/C
Transitioning from SE recip A/C or as determined by
Insurance Company
50 hrs VLJ operating experience 100 hrs VLJ operating experience
Ten (10) Cycle Minimum Twenty-Five (25) Cycle Minimum

Our Mentoring Program will be tailored to YOUR needs to allow you to best comply with these stringent requirements.

The Coronet Group, LLC
d.b.a., Your Flight Department